Izaiah and Nehemiah Twins Studio Cake Smash Session/ Fairfield County, Connecticut Baby Photographer


Izaiah and Nehemiah came into the studio SOUND ASLEEP. Mom, dad, and I felt so sorry to wake them up, but we did so ever so gently and slowly. Their All White Cake Smash Setup was all ready to go! We got the littles ready, and it definitely took a little while for them to warm up.

If you know anything about almost one year old’s, is that developmentally they swing back and forth constantly between fierce independence and clinging to you, their parents After a bit of playing music, making sounds, and introducing the best part (yes, cake!) little Izzy finally stopped crying and even gave us a couple of smiles! I never knew how much I would like an all white cake smash- but the pictures came out so beautiful! This was held at our Fairfield county Studios located at the American Fabrics Artist Studios.

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